“ When you give birth to a baby, you give birth to a mother as well. ”

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Birthing Energy

Do Not Disturb!


Anne Frye’s  HOLISTIC MIDWIFERY VOLUME II: Care during Labor and Birth, counts in at 1475 pages of highly technical medical information on Anatomy & Physiology, Pelvic Structure, Uterine Physiology, Female Reproductive System, Cardinal Movements, the Birth Process and Variations in Fetal Descent & Rotation based on over 35 fetal presentations, lies, and attitudes, Maternal and Neonatal Monitoring,etc. etc (this brings us only to page 485).  


It is striking, thus, to find on page 413, the following: 


The central requirement for a smooth, progressive labor is free-flowing birthing energy. The mother’s body forms a conduit for birthing energy, opening her to the spiritual world so that she can channel her baby through to this physical plane of existence. While many people not familiar with birth may not be able to relate to this concept, almost everyone knows the difference between having sex with a free flow of sexual energy versus without it. This creative energy carries you away, expands the experience and creates a state of euphoria.... 


[Perhaps the most important and yet ineffable thing midwives do is be fully present at the birth as they monitor the energy. This is most possible when the environment is undisturbed and the midwife can, without distraction, tune into the mother, who herself feels free to unselfconsciously experience her labor....]


Much of what is wrong with hospital birth has to do with the total absence of the concept of birthing energy and how its flow is enhanced; instead birth is treated as a purely physical event. Personnel shift changes, lack of privacy, beeping monitors, bright lights and the like are just not conductive to the easy flow of this energy or to reading it, although birthing energy is powerful and manifests even under the most adverse conditions.


Routinized, rote care, which is a standard in institutions, becomes absurdly invasive at home.

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