“ When you give birth to a baby, you give birth to a mother as well. ”

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Pain-coping Mindset

adapted from Pam England

Pam England is the genius of our generation in childbirth preparation. She writes:

Parents wish to learn how to cope with pain, intensity, the unknown, and surprises.

We must dedicate time to building a pain-coping mindset in classes.

 The one thing almost every mother will face and embody throughout labor, beginning with early contractions, is an unfamiliar, growing ever stronger, physical experience of contractions & dilation (call it pain, intensity, whatever you like), exhaustion, and feeling "lost" or "uncertain" from time to time. Almost every mother will tell you it was more than she expected. She deserves to be mentored to meet and move with the power of labor.

As labor progresses, women shift from rational or thinking, rapid beta brainwaves, toward their maternally intuitive, slower alpha/theta brain waves. Women labor in their body. Labor is not a concept or a plan to be followed in their mind. So, I want my classes to engage and train the part of their brain in which they will spend most of their time in labor. I want the parents to cultivate emotional and physical skills and mental concentration: things they will need in their labyrinth of birth. Fathers and birth support people also need to learn mindfulness practices - to center themselves in labor; they also need to learn mental concentration in order to anchor and sustain the mother's efforts in labor. 

Most of the Fascinating Facts parents learn in their beta, note-taking class brain will fall away in the passion of labor.



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