“ When you give birth to a baby, you give birth to a mother as well. ”

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April 2011 -ME TO YOU

Personal messages to all my great Supported Birth families and doulas

Apr 2, 2011


Hi Everyone!

It's fun to think of former students reading this with children ages 0 to 15.  I love looking on Facebook and seeing the growing families of the women I knew as nervous and excited pregnant moms. Seeing how your lives are totally different, enriched, and changed.

This blogging is new for me, and besides posting personal messages, I'll post brief quotes and thoughtful readings from others, that don't quite belong in the educational Articles section.

For now, Orit and I are off in 5 days on our incredible adventure to Europe. Thanks to David Raher for teaching me, I will probably even blog while I am traveling!

Love to all and to your fabulous Supported Birth babies.

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