“ After your doula training, I know my decision to change professions was the right one. Your open approach to birthing, not stuck on one way, but informing couples of so many options and variations, really changed many of my own views, which I discovered had been restricted and limited. After attending my first four births, I can say that the information learned in the doula program was 100% applicable to each one. I feel confident in my knowledge and have definitely grasped the message of your training of continuing my technical education, while supporting women emotionally. ”

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Are you passionate about supporting women and their partners through a positive birth experience? Would you like to assist them in finding their own strength and in beginning parenthood with joy and confidence? Become a Supported Birth Labor Doula!

Part One:
Attend the seven week Complete Course with pregnant couples ($395)

Part Two:
Complete an approximately 20 hour Doula Training workshop ($850), which includes:

• Advanced review of physiology and stages of labor
• Advanced study of medical interventions
• Advanced study of complications in labor
• Issues of REAL WOMEN: personality traits, fears, husbands, partners
• Factors that influence labor
• Yourself as a doula
• Women's birth experiences; doulas' experiences
• Advocacy vs. empowerment; rethinking "labor support"
• Being open to the unpredictable
• Pain-coping techniques and tools
• Prolonged labor, posterior presentation
• Alternative, noninvasive measures for inducing & stimulating labor
• Hospital environments
• Postpartum issues
• Breastfeeding
• Practical issues for the doula: contracts, fees, backup, marketing

Doula trainees have the opportunity to be matched with couples from Supported Birth classes on a sliding scale basis, and are able to gain initial labor support experience from these referrals, under the supervision and mentoring of the Supported Birth Director. Your fees increase as you gain experiences. Currently, full price doulas are charging between $900-$2,400 per birth.

Doula Training bookClick to look inside our course book!

Many Supported Birth Doulas already were or have been inspired to become:

RNs (Labor & Delivery)
Massage Therapists
Lactation Consultants/Educators
Childbirth Educators
Postpartum Doulas
Chinese/Naturopathic Medicine (acupuncture, acupressure, herbology)
Chiropractic/cranial sacral
Infant Massage
Prenatal/Postpartum Fitness / Yoga
EMT (Emergency Medical Technician)
Writers on Birth
Filmmakers on Birth and Postpartum

Trainings are scheduled throughout the year.

Please email or call (310) 739-4024 for more information, or register now for the next Supported Birth Complete Course to complete Part One of the Doula Training.

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