“ Jana's class was the best preparation for my birth that I could have asked for. I wanted to try and have a natural birth, but had a lot of anxiety about whether I would be able to manage it. Without Jana's class I am sure I couldn't have done it! What I like about Jana's class is that she is extremely informed, and also very non-judgmental. She is the go-to person about birth in Los Angeles!! ”

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My husband and I took Jana's class in preparation for our 2nd child and absolutely loved it!!! We were amazed at how much we learned even though we had already gone though the birth experience one time before! Her classes were all very informative and we are looking forward to using all of the information she has given us to have a natural birth with baby # 2!

- Viola Callanen November 2010

The Supported Birth class was a terrific experience for my wife and I. We are expecting our second child any day now. We took a very simple class before our son was born. When labor began we felt like we could manage but we really didn't understand enough about what was happening to confidently adjust. So we had to rely on the nurses. This time we wanted more information so that we could feel more prepared for labor and birth. This class gave us the information to feel really confident. We better understand the process of labor, what to look for, strategies to try, and how to interact with the nursing staff. I would recommend this class to any couple!

- Will Callanen November 2010

Just terrific. I really enjoyed Jana's sense of humor along with her willingness to be open to all kinds of ideas and choices. It was indeed a relaxed, happy and comfortable environment.

- Lise Selznick, March 2001

I didn't think it was possible to feel completely confident and knowledgeable - Now, I do!

I didn't know what to expect. What I got was more than I could have imagined. A complete experience...You give a thorough and complete presentation in a warm and supportive environment. We were very fortunate to have found your class.

- Bob Carmody, March 2001

I especially feel she was able to relate to all of us as individuals and demonstrated keen insight - understanding toward each of us. She was perceptive & sensitive to our needs. The thing I appreciated the most was that she did not try to indoctrinate us with dogma. She presented the material in a balanced and reasonable way...I simply feel much more knowledgeable and prepared for something that previously was a total unknown to me. I feel ready and even excited by it.

I now view the birth of my baby as a natural, positive process - to be perceived with a greater sense of surrender, acceptance & joy than I had originally believed. I no longer view the birth of my baby with as much fear and trepidation in terms of anticipating the pain of labor.

I can look forward to childbirth instead of being fearful of it.

Great communicator! I love the laid-back, natural style - it feels so much like a friend talking to you instead of a 'teacher.' You have great authority in the subject. Wonderful knowledge - thank you for sharing.

- Jennifer Blinn, April 2001

Very, very competent, funny, and level-headed common sense approach...great class, awesome, fun.

- Whit Finley-Rux, September 2001

Our birth class was much more intimate & personal than I expected. Less formal instruction and more emphasis on self-awareness & self-discovery. Like an 8-week journey mirroring the transition into parenthood.

- Karen Koh June 2010

She creates a very comfortable, open, caring environment. The whole birth class was amazing. It couldn't have been more perfect for us.

- Esther Gutierrez December 2007

Her teaching style & manner supports honesty and openness of couples as they express fears & hopes. A great experience!

I have a better understanding of what my wife will go through & how better for me to help support her.

- T.J. Ryan March 2000

I didn't know you could have a labor feeling confident and well-informed.

10+...worth every penny!

101% value from our investment, if there is such a thing.

Exceptionally prepared and full of enthusiasm...wonderful!!

By informing us intelligently, these classes were everything I hoped they would be.

Jana, you really care and it comes through! Thanks for your openness, honesty, info. & resources. We always looked forward to each class and seeing you.

Leah and I received an immense amount of knowledge and peace of mind from taking your class, and we would love for many other people to benefit as well.

- J. David Raher September 2010

Supported Birth provided us with the perfect combination of clear honest information and exercises to help us see what birth experience we really wanted. It's easy to feel you can't trust the source of information when it comes to birthing decisions but our teacher's approach, her honesty, and her insight into the birthing community here in Los Angeles gently empowered us. As a direct result of Jana's class, my anxiety has been greatly relieved and my husband and I are looking forward to our birth, instead of bracing for it. At the same time, we had fun, and enjoyed being part of the community that Jana facilitated - in fact, after our last class, my husband said he would miss our weekly sessions; I know I will.

- Stephanie Hubbard & Dave Zarick March 2003

Very knowledgeable and makes you feel that childbirth is something you can handle and get through. It's a great class which covers all the bases, and comforts your biggest concerns and fears.

Just what I was hoping for...knowledge, confidence, education, faith in myself and my husband - I don't think I would change anything about the class.

We loved that she provided an informative class which empowered the four couples in our group with confidence to take the birthing path of our choice. Each of us made a different choice yet we were all enthusiastically encouraged to reach our goals. The spirit of the class was that there is no one right method, rather, you can know what is best for you with proper education & evaluation- which Jana's class helped us to do. At 30 weeks we changed from having a conventional hospital birth to a home water birth. Whereas, one of the couples had a medicated hospital birth, another had a drug-free delivery at a birthing center and the fourth couple had a premature cesarean delivery. Regardless of which path we traveled, the Supported Birth class gave each of us customized coaching. Jana, I believe, has the ability to help first-time expectant parents explore their birthing options and embark upon this awesome milestone with confidence and peace.

- Stephanie Hansen-Sturm March 2006

Jana - she is here! It was hands down the most difficult thing I have ever done, but I got her out and I got her out without any pain meds. Jonah was great - confident and calm in a way that made it easier for me to let go and I know that the only thing that allowed either of us to hold it together in any capacity was the information we gained from your class. In fact, I kept referring to your book constantly over the course of the labor - it was my salvation, seriously. Thank you so much for providing such a fantastic service to expectant mothers and fathers. We feel totally ecstatic and empowered by the entire experience. I can't wait for the reunion.

- Carey McDonald September 2009

I was very happy to find out that it wasn't some really radical anti-drug scene. I feel my husband and I can make informed decisions...the class was very beneficial, very informative. Invaluable. I can't imagine not knowing what I know now.

- Lauren Ryan March 2000

My doula was more helpful than I could ever have imagined. I knew that my husband was going to be there for me, but nothing would have replaced the expert help of our doula. She knew what to do and when to do it. From the moment she walked into the Labor and Delivery Room, the whole environment changed. She dimmed the lights, lit the aromatherapy, and put on some music, little things that made me feel "at home." During the hard labor, she suggested several different positions we had learned in class, and she was consistently encouraging and supportive. I found it very useful to walk around, take a warm shower, and swing in the rocking chair. She also got along very well with the hospital staff, and they felt the same way about her. She was a wise mediator; she knew when to help and when to step aside and let the doctor do his work. I must say that her presence was essential. She supported me during labor in so many different and effective ways, allowing my husband to concentrate on what helped me most: love his wife.

- Cristina Trevisan March 1998

The Supported Birth class was wonderful. We really liked that it was small (4 to 6 couples) and intimate. Unlike some of the other courses that focus on natural childbirth like Bradley, Lamaze or Hypnobirthing, it didn't draw from just one source but taught various techniques for pain coping and helped each person figure out what works most intuitively for them. There were a lot of exercises that help the couples explore the emotional and psychological aspects of bringing a child into their relationship. We also learned about the benefits of having a labor support person present (in addition to the father) to help the mother cope with the pain and new experience. My husband and I really enjoyed these classes and felt that, in addition to getting a lot of great information, we felt closer as a couple every time we went.

- Alexandra Tillson, JD January 2008

By far the best action I took preparing for my birth was attending Jana's Supported Birth class. Jana's class prepared me for birth in an informative, holistic, and non-judgmental atmosphere. She is so well informed on all birth options and gives women the tools they need to create the birth experience that works for them. Due to Jana's class, I was able to have a wonderful natural childbirth-I was so informed and understood what my body was going through, how I needed to respond, and what I could ask of my birth support team. I also really appreciate how Jana involves the fathers/birth partners in the process. My husband was fully present and really understood what was happening during the delivery. He also really liked going to the classes because they are so rich in material. Supported Birth is a MUST if you live in the LA area. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

- Alison Novak August 2006

I can't begin to say enough good things about our Supported Birth birthing class. My husband and I wanted to have as much information as possible about what to expect - in terms of what was happening to the mother physically and emotionally, what the father needs to be responsible for, what happens at the hospital, which procedures are necessary and which are not, what our options were for pain management, what to look for in a doctor/birthing location, etc. This class met all of our expectations. Each class was well-organized, informative and interesting. Jana was able to answer every question we had and never judged any of the parents in her class. We had ample time for questions and she was always very generous with her time.... If you are looking for a class which will prepare you for a natural childbirth but isn't judgmental then Supported Birth is the one for you!

- Amy Utstein November 2001

Jana's Supported Birth class was an invaluable tool that gave us the power to make informed choices in the birth of our daughter, which turned out to be a beautiful, positive experience. All material was presented in a non-biased and non-judgmental manner. We learned that there is no such thing as a "one size fits all" birth but because we were presented with so much information in such a clear and organized way, we knew what to do when labor began. Because of the class, my husband played an important role in the birth of our daughter, supporting me and offering comfort and pain-coping tools that we had learned. I cannot recommend it highly enough; I truly believe our birth experience was incredible because of her classes.

- Laura & Mario Flores April 2007

I took this class with my husband and we cannot recommend it more highly. Jana is great - calm, informed, non-judgmental, funny, enthusiastic. Especially if you're looking for info about having a "natural birth" or a birth with as few interventions as possible, this is the class for you. She also does a good job explaining the pros and cons of different choices/medical treatments, etc., so I think anyone would feel very comfortable in her class and she by no means sets up a natural birth as the only way to go. We met some great couples in the small, intimate setting, and had all of our questions answered. I'd recommend Jana to any couple looking for more info about pregnancy, birth, pain relief, baby issues, relationship issues, etc. A wonderful class.

- Amy Adrion, December 2009

I took Jana's class last year with my husband and it was the best preparation for my birth that I could have asked for. I wanted to try and have a natural birth, but had a lot of anxiety about whether I would be able to manage it. Without Jana's class I am sure I couldn't have done it! What I like about Jana's class is that she is extremely informed, and also very non-judgmental. She is the go-to person about birth in Los Angeles!!

- Cara Pohle MSW May 2010

I highly recommend Jana's birthing class. She is a great teacher who empowers couples to make wise choices as they prepare physically and emotionally for labor. We enjoyed the class so much that we chose her as our doula. My husband and I can't imagine Michael's birth without all of her support!

- Carol & Steve Adler August 2007

Jana, thank you so much for being such a wonderful teacher. We loved the class and feel so empowered and safe going into this experience.

- Jill Altemus & Tommy Fields, June 2003

Thank you so much for your class. Andrew and I grew as a couple so much and really bonded over discussing all the class topics. It gave us a solid jumping off point for discussing our fears, our hopes, and our ideas. We happily endorse your class to any expectant parents. We look forward to the reunion as well, and love that you have made that part of the class.

- Renae and Andrew October 2007

Jana is a wonderful teacher and doula and I learned SO much from her about the physiology of childbirth. She is very warm and engaging and she is supportive of ALL kinds of births- home, hospital, c-sections, VBAC's. She empowers her students to go into their births armed with knowledge and confidence. And, on top of all that, she is a super-fabulous human being!

- Shelayna Kennedy August 2003

My husband and I felt informed and prepared, and were able to handle the unexpected thanks to what we learned. Jana creates a warm and open environment where you not only learn about the birth process but are able to discuss your fears, concerns and hopes with others who are giving birth and becoming parents for the first time. Thanks so much Jana - we had an amazing time in your class and are so grateful we found you!!

- Heidi & Jason Kendziera April 2010

Dear Jana,
We want to both tell you how incredible our birth class experience was with you - we felt completely prepared and capable of dealing with anything that came up in our labor. Even though my labor was short, a lot of challenges came up along the way. The approach of your teaching was the key for dealing with & being flexible with the challenges. We were able to achieve a drug-free birth and were blessed with the most beautiful healthy baby - what a miracle! You've had such a positive & significant impact on our birth experience. Thank you!!!

- Pam, Alan, & Ryan Bergman May 1998

If you're looking for a very informative birthing class, then this is it. We learned everything from the emotional to the physical to the technical parts of giving birth...and the post-birth duties as parents. Most of my friends took their birthing classes from the hospital, and they knew less than half. Jana is very knowledgeable, kind, friendly, and open to your situation. In our class, we had everything from home births to c-sections to vaginal delivery, but everyone was proud.

- Emilia Serrano December 2008

Dear Jana,
We wanted to express our gratitude for the wonderful role that you played in the birth of our second son. With the information we gained in your class, we exceeded any and all expectations that we ever imagined about the natural childbirth experience. We're happy to say that our first son, Marc, has been the joy of our lives for the past 2 1/2 years, despite the disastrous experience that Fern endured birthing him. To compare the two births is like comparing night to day. The more we learned in your classes, the more we realized how ill-prepared we were for our first child (after 8 hospital Lamaze classes we found the technique useless for handling hard contractions). My amazement increased with each class, as my wife's attitude progressed to the point of striving for a completely natural childbirth. Each class brought a wealth of new information that prepared us for the perfect birth of our second son....The relaxation techniques that we learned were incredibly effective. We used most of the techniques that you taught us including: deep abdominal breathing, visualization for body relaxation and floating, massaging her back and stroking her belly, using different positions, and getting into the bathtub. It's amazing how efficient the body can work when it is given the opportunity! Thanks again for all of your support and guidance. We realize that the experience could not have been as wonderful without the knowledge that you gave us. We look forward to seeing you and the other couples at the reunion and introducing you all to both of our precious children. THANK YOU!!!!

- Marc & Fern Lung March 1998

I feel knowledgeable, empowered. Every question I had was answered. There was a comfortable environment open for discussions. I feel that she understood where I was coming from. I feel Jana is very receptive and genuinely cares - she is a wonderful resource.

- Danielle Goldstein April 2004